Thursday, November 11, 2010

German Artist Sails on the Thames in a Paper Boat & 4 Meter Alligator

German Artist Sails on the Thames in a Paper Boat

After carefully folding it on the banks of the Thames, artist Frank Bölter jumped into his origami boat and sailed it under the surprised gazes of passers-by. Named “To The World’s End”, Frank Bölter’s paper boat was part of the Drift 10 art exhibition, in London. It was created out of giant sheets of paper that he and the public at the Canary Wharf Docks folded, using origami techniques. Reinforced with metal poles, the unusual sailing craft didn’t seem to sink, and its creator was so relaxed that he laid back and read a newspaper, while the public stared at him in awe

This is not Frank Bölter first strange boat. In 2007, he put together a boat out of Tetrapack (the aluminum plated cardboard that milk cartons are made of) and sailed in it around Lauenburg harbour, in Germany. Just like “To The World’s End”, it was folded using origami techniques.

4 Meter Alligator

One of the largest alligators in the world was caught in Florida, USA. Alligator caught by a fisherman Tracy Ammermanom on Halloween night, is a record of Florida - its length, was 14 feet 3.5 inches (4.35 meters). It is believed that the age of the animal with a weight of 654 pounds (296.7 kg), ranged from 50 to 60 years.

"I thought I caught Godzilla: shares his impressions fisherman catches record-breaking four-foot alligator on Halloween.

The last state record was delivered in 1997, compared to the length of the alligator was about 14 feet (4.25 meters). Catch Mr. Ammerman to 10 centimeters more. Rybak plans to offer an animal taxidermy (people making stuffed animals) at a price of $ 1000 per foot, which would bring him more than 14 000 dollars.
"I feel as if had just won the lottery. I think it's just amazing, "- says he.
Trace Ammerman, who hails from Yorkshire (England), was fishing with two friends on Sunday night on Lake Washington. Caught in the harpoon alligator was so great that fought for another 30 minutes before Mr. Ammermanu still managed to wear down.
"He ran around, danced, spun, fought and tried to bite my boat ... I thought I caught Godzilla"
Before you immerse the alligator into a truck, two o'clock, they dragged him along, because he was too big and would not fit in their boat. Conservation Commission Florida Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the catch is a new state record.
Prior to this event the largest in the history of the alligator was caught in Louisiana. Its length was 19 feet 2 inches (5.84 meters).

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